I got everything I asked for Christmas – except help in cleaning up the mess afterwards. The food was outstanding. The guests were civil and no one started an argument. Now the place is a mess and I have to get to work next week. And, New Year’s is just around the corner with another round of celebrating I am looking forward to. But, Can I enjoy the celebrating with this cleanup in front of me before the clock strikes 12?

Let’s see what I need to do. I’ll start with the bathrooms – Yuck, the sink is a mess. I don’t know what – or who – left the toilet filthy. The bedrooms need vacuuming, furniture dusted, laundry collected. The living room and den are covered with bits and pieces of wrapping paper, scuffs on the floors, fingerprints on the door jambs and if that’s not enough – tabletops stained from glasses and cups left.

I dread looking into the kitchen – floor is covered with spots from dropped food and drinks, food splatter on the range and in the microwave, sink and counters in need of a good scrubbing.

I’ll be at this until New Year’s Eve 2019!

Help – Help – Help.

Did someone call? No need to panic. Clean By Nature experts love to Clean. Let them come and put your troubles away.

We do bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and dens, kitchens, dining rooms, windows, walls and floors. We vacuum, and scrub, dust and polish, wash and dry, straighten and gather up. You tell us what you need, and your request is our command.

We run the vacuum over the floors to pick up any party residue. Clean up any food spills on the floor, table and other furniture. Dust and polish all the furniture especially tables where food was served.

Give the bathrooms a thorough going over by cleaning up spots, removing soiled towels, scrubbing the toilet and sink, removing the trash. Scrub the bathroom floor.

Strip the bedding and other linens from the used guest rooms. Gather all the washable items such as tablecloths, towels, sheets and pillowcases and place them in a laundry basket for removal to the laundry room. Dust the furniture and vacuum the floor.

On to the kitchen we empty the dishwasher and refill with items gathered from the other rooms. Clean spills and messes left over from the cooking spree. Clean the countertops, stove, microwave, dishwasher, small appliances used. Scrub the kitchen floor.

Whew! I can sit down, take a breather, have a glass of wine or a piece of left over pecan pie before I start my New Year’s diet !

Treat yourself. Farm out the dirty work of cleaning up to those who love it.

Clean By Nature staff love cleaning. It’s in their nature. They might even pour you a glass of that wine and serve you a piece of the pie.

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