5 Biggest Mistakes When Hiring a Window Cleaning Service

When it comes to your home or business, hiring a professional window cleaning service can be a great improvement to the curb appeal and cleanliness. The value that it can provide far outweighs the cost of the job. And let's face it, not many people want to spend their valuable time on the weekend being up on a ladder and scrubbing windows. That's where hiring a professional window cleaning service comes in handy. For a nominal fee, you can hire a pro to come to your home or business and provide sparkling clean windows that will be sure to give your property a well deserved lift in curb appeal.

Although window cleaning isn't rocket science, there is definitely a huge benefit to hiring a true professional window cleaning service to do the job. Since there are so many options to choose from, how do you decide who to pick? Well, here are 5 Mistakes that you should avoid making when the time comes to have your windows cleaned:

1. Hiring "Bucket Bobs"

Anyone can go to a hardware store and buy a bucket, mop, and a squeegee and hand out a few flyers for their service. In the window cleaning industry, we like to call these people "Bucket Bobs." The problem with these types of services is that you won't receive the same level of quality, expertise, and care for your home or business as you would with hiring a professional window cleaning service. They don't understand the tricks of the trade and simply cannot provide the same level of service.

2. Not asking for a list of clientele or references

Any time you plan to hire a window cleaning service (or any company for that matter) you should ask to see a list of their current clientele and ask for a few references. If they can't provide you a few names of reputable businesses that they currently clean, you should probably avoid using them to clean your home or business.

3. Going with the cheapest price

This point should be the most fundamental but in this industry it's not. Remember, you get what you pay for. There are so many tools and techniques that an experienced window cleaner will have at their disposal to get the job done right. Not to mention, if your windows are cleaned properly with the right tools to do the job, they will not only be clean when they leave, but will stay cleaner longer.

4. Working with Uninsured Companies

It scares me to think that people will hire a window cleaning service that's not properly insured. This is not only dangerous for their company's sake, but for your property as well. Let's say you hire a window cleaning service that's not insured to clean your home and they accidentally crack your window? Or if they are cleaning your business and they drop their pole and it dents a car in the parking lot. Who is responsible to have these items fixed? Obviously them, however, do you think that they will actually pony up the money to have it fixed? Of course not! There are so many more risks than these but please don't make the mistake of hiring a window cleaner that's properly insured.

5. Forgetting to do some homework

Would you let anyone just come into your home or business without at least doing some research on their credentials? I hope not! There are a few basic things you can do to make sure the window cleaning service you're about to hire has their act together. Things like looking at their reviews on Google or Facebook, asking friends in the area if they've ever used them, looking at a few pictures online to see their quality of work, seeing their van/truck around town, etc. Make sure you get the answers you need before making the call to hire them as your window cleaner.

Well, I hope this helps when the time comes to hire a professional window cleaning service. For those of you looking to hire a window cleaner in State College, Bellefonte, or the surrounding areas, please give us a shout. I can promise you that by hiring us as your window cleaner, you will not make any of these mistakes.

Thanks for reading!

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