Our Products:

It's our responsibility to clean in a way gets the job done properly with preservation and care for our customers as a forefront. After extensive research and product testing, we settled on a cleaning agent that considers all of these factors. Most of the time, especially for window cleaning, we exclusively use pure water to clean. That's it. Plain and simple.


For other surfaces, we use Simple Green. It works on virtually every surface and naturally cuts through dirt and grime like no other cleaning products on the market. It's also environmentally friendly and contains no abrasive or harsh chemicals.


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Why Does this Matter?

  • Consistency
    • Specialize in one product that gets the job done right.

    • Streak free finish with no need for headaches from chemicals.

    • Fresh scent of a clean environment.

  • Focus on Clean ​
    • We dilute the product and have special formulas for specific areas that we clean to get the job done right.

    • There is no need to mask our work with chemicals as a cover up.


  • Price Savings
    • We reduce our costs by not having to carry many cleaning agents to get the job done.

    • The exciting part is that we get to pass the savings onto you!

best window cleaner in state college bellefonte pa
Interested to Know More?

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